LA.TE. ANDES S.A. is a private-public company (GEOMAP-CONICET) constituting an innovative technological and productive center aimed at the applied energetic and scientific development, and looking to quantify the TIME variable, an essential variable of important economic impact in the evaluation of various undertakings.

By means of a matrix structure and combining human and economic resources LA.TE ANDES S.A. aims at the development and implementation of strategic technological projects to provide solutions in the assessment of georesources (hidrocarbons, mineral deposits, geothermics).

LA.TE. ANDES S.A. borns by the need to develop an integrating venture in the Central Andes, fostered by particular projects related to Low Temperature Thermochronology (Fission tracks and (U-Th-Sm)/He in apatites and zircons), Absolute Geochronology (U/Pb, Cron.Ar project), Paleomagnetism – magnetostratigraphy (Cri.Ar criogenic magnetometer) and 3D-2D Structural Modeling (Andino 3D® Software), and other projects in process of developing.

LA.TE. ANDES is constituted as a matrix type structure, combining human and economical resources aimed at the development of high impact projects for the solution of specific geological problems.


Geomap S.A. – Conicet Agreement


LA.TE. ANDES formed

Construction of facilities begins

Since 2008, the joint effort of Geomap S.A. with the personnel of the Research Institute of Non-Conventional Energy (INENCO, CONICET – UNSa) and a cooperation agreement with the University of Heidelberg (Germany, Institute of Earth Sciences, Research Group Thermochronology and Archaeometry) led to the development and familiarization with a methodology for low temperature geothermochronology analysis, specifically in apatite and zircon fission tracks.

This experience, linking private and public elements, allowed not only the learning, consolidation, training and knowledge transfer of the mentioned techniques, but also the interpretation of real data in the area of the fold and thrust belt of Neogene age, from southern Peru to northwestern Argentina.

The generation of research, applied to the production sector, led to elaborate and publish reports incorporating elements of thermochronology readily usable by the oil and gas industry. Also, field works were conducted, analyzing the particulars of areas in which Geomap S.A. has been successfully working since 2003.

This lead to the formation of a national productive nucleus, managed by means of professional and technical international cooperation, aiming to generate the local capacity to constitute and sustain a “LA.TE. ANDES Development Center in Thermochronology”. The knowledge transfer by the research group of the University of Heidelberg to this local nucleus, based in the Province of Salta, was made in the form of workshops and courses at GEOMAP S.A. and LA.TE. ANDES offices.


GEOMAP S.A. es una empresa de geo-ciencias aplicada a la exploración de hidrocarburos focalizada en los Andes Centrales de Sudamérica y especialmente en Argentina, Bolivia y Perú. Su mayor fortaleza se encuentra en la capacidad geológica y operativa de obtener información del sistema petrolero en zonas selváticas.

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