Quality Management System (ISO 9001:2015)

LA.TE. ANDES S.A. has achieved the ISO 9001: 2015 certification for its R&D Productive Technology Center, granted by the German certification and inspection body TÜVRheinland®, under the certificate registration number 01 100 2029779 .

Quality Management System Certification ISO9001 ID 9000005266

The scope of the certification corresponds to:

Provision of dating and geochemistry services for geo and thermochronology studies from the reception of the samples to the issuance of technical reports:

  • Apatite and zircon fission tracks by two methods: EDM (External Detector Method) and LA-ICP-MS (laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry).
  • Uranium-Lead in apatites and zircons by LA-ICP-MS (laser ablation inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry).
  • Uranium – Thorium – Helium in apatites and zircons by isotopic dilution by mass spectrometry (ICP-MS and Alphachron).
  • In situ Double dating (fission tracks and Uranium-Lead) in apatites and zircons by LA-ICP-MS.
  • Geochemistry in apatites and zircons by LA-ICP-MS.

Quality Management, Occupational Health and Safety Policies

LA.TE. ANDES S.A. is a private-public joint venture (GeomapCONICET) consisting of a technological, productive and innovation nucleus applied to industry and science, seeking to quantify the TIME variable, which is fundamental in the economic impact linked to the evaluation of productive undertakings in the industry, both in the exploration and development stages.

LA.TE. ANDES S.A., in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard, is committed to:

  • Be an open laboratory, constantly interacting with clients linked to the hydrocarbon, mining, geothermal and scientific industries, whether of a private, mixed or public nature, in the country and the world.
  • Provide solutions to our clients’ needs, based on the interaction of scientific and technological knowledge of our processes and our professionals.
  • Be generators of demand through the dissemination of the scientific techniques used towards the spheres of industry and scientific community.
  • Offer services adapted to the magnitude and requirements of clients in the private and/or public sectors, considering companies and the scientific sector as clients.
  • Generate data with the highest international standards and outperform them.
  • Advise customers during the provision of services, giving them the opportunity to be part of the process and decision making, arriving at the solution of greatest value for them regarding their needs.
  • Be flexible according to the needs and requirements of the clients in the private and/or public field, both in the productive and in the scientific-academic scenario.
  • Optimize the results delivery times.
  • Count on the scientific knowledge of LA.TE. ANDES S.A. and CONICET members to facilitate the exchange of possible solutions and work criteria that meet the expectations of both private and public clients in the productive sector and the scientific-academic area.
  • Design R&D activities beneficial for the client, that can be sustained over time, through open or closed innovation processes.
  • Conduct internal research on possible applications additional to the tests being carried out.
  • The continuous technological and scientific updating, coupled with the continuous interdisciplinary professional training of LA.TE. ANDES S.A.‘s human capital.
  • Monitor and control all internal processes of LA.TE. ANDES S.A.
  • Use technical and infrastructure resources in an efficient way, taking care of the environment.
  • Preserve and take care of the samples property of our clients.
  • Comply with applicable legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Assume continuous improvement as a work philosophy.

The challenge of overcoming the frontiers of knowledge mobilizes us.

Lic. Roberto Hernández
President, Executive Director/p>

Rev. 04
Validity 18/07/23