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High resolution paleomagnetism serving the industry.

LA.TE. ANDES, together with CONICET, CNEA and Endeavour Ingeniería, developed and built the Cri.Ar magnetometer, a cryogenic magnetometer based on superconducting sensors, for the measurement of the remanent magnetization of rocks for paleomagnetism studies.


Main applications in geology, particularly in the oil and gas industry:
  • Deformation's age from a growth sequence.

  • Azimuthal orientation of drill cores by paleomagnetic methods: the original orientation of the crown can be obtained from the rock's magnetic remanence direction.

  • Conventional paleomagnetism.

The magnetometer allows gathering of information concerning:

  • Deformation time.

  • Crowns orientation.

  • Quantification of rotations.

  • Chronostratigraphic location of sedimentary profiles.

  • Sedimentation rates.

  • Determination of petrofabric.

  • Orientation of paleocurrents.