Datings by Fission Tracks

We apply the Fission Track Analysis technique in apatites and zircons (AFTA / ZFTA) to obtain datings. The results derived from this technique allows the reduction of oil and gas exploratory risk, specifying:

maximum temperatures reached by the organic matter present in the generating rocks,
generation age,

chronology of structural traps development in conventional targets,
sites of burial, generation and accumulation of oil and gas in non-conventional objectives.

In addition, the interpretative analysis of these results helps to understand the evolutionary history of mountain ranges and exhumation / burial cycles, among other geological processes.

AFTA: Proceso productivo

Production process used in obtaining datings by AFTA / ZFTA.

Beyond datings

In most analytical centers that offer commercial services, the final product refers to the numerical data of the age and the thermal evolution of the samples (numerical modeling).

In LA.TE. ANDES, we go further and comprehensively develop the interpretative analysis of the results, framing it in the geological knowledge and valutation of factors that intervene in quantifying the resources potential of the region.

The key element that allows this qualitative difference is the close collaboration and interaction with Geomap S.A., both in the sampling phase and in the analytical and interpretative phase. His experience and deep knowledge of the Sub-Andean System of North of Argentina and Bolivia through more than 25 years of activity are thus incorporated into our final product.

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