Being a company of international relevance in the quantification of time in geological processes for the industry and the scientist. Achieve national and international recognition as a reference analytical center (R+D+innovation).


Develop and execute technology-based strategic projects and applied research related to solve sensitive issues in assessing georesources (hydrocarbons, minerals, geothermal, etc.) and science, using innovative methodologies in determining the time of geological processes.

Generate genuine job sources, encouraging the development of its personnel and the social environment where it operates.


Ethics and Integrity. We are social agents and as such we are responsible for an integrated, transparent and collective conduct.

Teamwork. The objectives of the company are common to all its members and are the product of the interaction of the parties in each of their actions.

Commitment. Each member is part of an internal collective and feels the company as their own in the external collective, the society.

Professionalism. The responsibility of doing each task with the best art of the trade that we develop in the collective.

Communication. We make the time to meet, listen, understand and make ourselves understood to join the conclusions of the collective objectives.

Respect. Every member of the group we are part for a common objective are valued, regardless of their type and level of responsibility and we will always take them into account for decisions.

Motivation. All members of the company are important. Passion and joy must be fostered to generate an environment of creativity.

Austerity. We use our resources with care. We spend the necessary regardless of the worker’s level of responsibility.

Creativity and innovation. Creativity should not be subordinated to the fear of error. The potential error becomes innovation and creativity when we learn from it.

Boldness. We are convinced that we can develop and execute projects that involve great challenges. We are a positive and proactive team.

Success. It is undoubtedly a collective fact. There are no individual successes. The greatest success is the one that provides more solutions to the community.

Profit. Is the one obtained to improve and increase the projects that provide sustained growth to the corporate, individual and social collectives.

Flexibility. We must adapt our tasks and capabilities to the needs that our collective environment requires to generate old or new development challenges or meet the needs of new clients.

Knowledge. We study and update ourselves for the collective purpose of current developments or challenges proposed to our company by the society.