The process of assembly and calibration of the cryogenic magnetometer Cri.Ar was completed

The assembly and calibration process of the cryogenic magnetometer developed in the framework of the Cri.Ar. project was completed. The researchers of CONICET-CNEA Dr. Julio Guimpel and Dr. Pablo Pedrazzini, together with personnel of La.Te. Andes S. A. finalized the procedures for the assembly, start-up and calibration of the cryogenic magnetometer, successfully reproducing the results of previous measurements in other similar equipment.

This milestone allows us to start offering services to the industry and make measurements of interest for the scientific sector of geosciences, for which the first sampling campaigns have been carried out together with Dr. Renata Tomezzoli (UBA-CONICET) within the framework of three doctoral thesis (Sofía Bordese – La. Te. Andes, Daniel Fragoso – UFRGS, Brazil and Juan Calvagno – UBA-CONICET.)