Technical Certification of the Technological Scientific Development Center

La.Te. Andes - Visita Dr. Ulrich Glasmacher

La.Te.Andes received a new visit from Professor Dr. Ulrich Glasmacher from Heidelberg University, Germany, in order to carry out the integral Certification of the Center and all of the processes installed in the laboratory including modules of:

  • Preparation and assembly of samples,
  • Disclosure of fission tracks,
  • Sample measurements using Autoscan and determination of central age,
  • Measurements by Raman micro-spectrometry,
  • Numerical Modeling,
  • Organization and general laboratory processes.

In this way, between February 21 and March 3, Dr. Glasmacher evaluated each of the stages that take place in La.Te.Andes, including the results phase. The result of his evaluation has been satisfactory in all the procedures that are executed in the Center.

It is noteworthy that Dr. Glasmacher has collaborated as an advisor in the installation and commissioning of three other thermochronology laboratories.

In the course of his visit, he finished the dictation of the course Thermochronology from Raw Data to t-T Evolution for technicians and researchers of La.Te.Andes.

Dr. Glasmacher who is Technical Advisor and Supervisor of La.Te.Andes, upon his return to Germany, will carry out tasks related to the modification, adaptation and improvement of technical procedures, proposed and carried out by La.Te.Andes’s own staff.

This visit was also used to raise new discussions about the methodological growth of La.Te.Andes, towards thermochronological determinations of (U-Th-Sm)/He in apatites and zircons, absolute measurements U/Pb and double dating in situ.

To this end, the continuation of new training programs and expansion of the capacity already installed in the laboratory was defined.